Bike Maintenance Classes

We’ve just launched our series of bike maintenance classes here at Griff’s.

The classes will be delivered in a modular format, so you can pick & choose appropriate modules:

Module 1: Know Your Bike
Module 2i : Brakes (Mechanical)
Module 2ii: Brakes (Disc)
Module 3: Gears
Module 4: Drivetrain
Module 5: Wheels & tyres
Module 6: Frame, forks & contact points

Module 1 – Know Your Bike

Do you know what size inner tubes & valve type you need? What type of brake pads your bike has? What type of bottom bracket does it use? Is anything on your bike worn out & in need of attention?

For the first in this series of maintenance modules, it’s time to get hands on with your bike.


What you’ll learn

By the end of this module, you will have:

- Performed an “M – Check” to determine your steed is in good working order.
- Identified & recorded the types of key components on your bike.
- Replaced a punctured tube on your bike.

You’ll be equipped to give your bike a quick once over before riding, to minimise the chance of a road or trail side failure leaving you stranded. If you do find something that needs replacing you’ll be able to identify the type of component(s) required for your bike.


What do you need for the course?

- Bring your bike, you’ll be working on it.
- Suitable warm attire & footwear for working on a bike in a busy workshop.


Dates & Tickets

Dates & booking details are HERE



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