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Putting the joy back into buying a bike…

Bikes-BW-e1382813665793There’s a wide and varied array of bikes and brands available nowadays, so how do you select the right bike? Not sure? Don’t worry, that’s where we can help you!

The team at Griff’s are here to offer advice, recommend and support your decision process. Whether it is your first bike, an upgrade or any other reason, our main aim is to help you find the right bike to suit your needs.

Grid-Wall-2-BW-e1382813596776Unlike other bike shops, we have put a great deal of thought and research into both the bike brands and accessories we stock: Trek, Genesis, Electra, and Frog.

Due to this you can be sure the functionality, quality and value will serve you and your cycling needs well, be it entry, mid or high level.

Why not come and visit us so you can see for yourself our wide and varied selection of bikes, clothing and essential accessories.



Heading out on the roads is the purest of cycling experiences – and finding your right type of road bike is critical.

Whether you want something for a weekend ride, a frequent commute or a sportive/triathlon bike – we at Griff’s can help. We are proud to spend time with all our customers to listen and assist you in the important decisions involved in selecting a perfect bike.



Whether you are riding the local trails at Swinley Forest in Bracknell, Crowthorne and the surrounding areas or wanting to take on mega mountains – we can find the right mountain bike for you.

Our wide range of hardtails, full suspension, and carbon bikes mean there is something for every type of rider at Griff’s. no matter what the wheel size.



Fast, light and comfortable – hybrid bikes offer the simple enjoyment of cycling.  Riding to the shops, commuting to the office or a quick blast at the park with the kids – hybrids offer you the best of both worlds.

Pop in and have a look at our hybrid bikes, with a range that produce bikes suited towards road or off road there will always be an ideal bike for you!

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