Bike Fitting

Trek Precicion Fit


Our bike has changed a bit since the early days of Griff’s and now takes into account much more giving a better fit overall. We use the “Precision Fit” methodology, as used by the Trek Segafredo & Matrix Fitness Cycling teams, which is an in-depth & comprehensive fit system.  In fact, the guys who delivered our training are the same guys who fit Cancellara, Laura Trott & the rest of the pro team!

That said, a professional bike fit isn’t just for pro level riders, recreational riders can benefit immensely from having their bike adjusted properly to get the most from it. We work on an individual basis to create a bike fit suitable for your riding and future goals. We help with finding that perfect balance between Power, Efficiency, and Comfort that every rider craves for.

The process typically takes around 3 hours to complete and has 3 distinct stages:

Rider interview – This includes amount of riding, past injuries, and other important factors that help us taylor the bike fit to you.
Body geometry/flexibility assessments – This section is vastly about range of motion available at your joints and core strength testing.
On-bike adjustments/recommendations – This is the part where you can see us work our magic and create a perfect fitting bike for you by making small and incremental adjustments to the jig.


We can complete a fit on either a Road or Time Trial (TT) bike and we are aware that many people may have a second bike so we offer a discount on a second fit when booked within one month of the original fit.

​£150 – First Bike Fit

£75 – Second Bike Fit (If booked within one month of the original fit)


To book a bike fit drop us an email on or use our contact form and we will arrange a suitable date and time.

We offer this service on weekdays only as the shop can get busy on the weekend meaning you won’t get the most out of the fit as it is also a very informative process with lots of information that can be used later on.
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