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Workshop service & maintenance options



Check out our comprehensive list of servicing and bespoke tasks below.

If there’s a job you’d like completing that you can’t find below, we’d be happy to help, just give us a call at the shop to discuss your requirements.



FrameInstall headset into bare frame£10.00
Install headset into bike including refitting forks£20.00
Install new forks including fitting existing or new headset£25.00
Face one set of disc mounts (per fork or frame)£10.00
Remove seized seatpin **£25.00
Install frame protection panels£25.00
Bottom BracketFace and chase bottom bracket (bare frame, includes installing new BB)£10.00
Face and chase bottom bracket (including removal and refitting of existing or new BB)£20.00
Remove seized bottom bracket (bare frame) **£15.00
Remove seized bottom bracket (including removal of chainset) **£25.00
Install new bottom bracket (threaded cups, including removal of chainset)£15.00
Install new bottom bracket (pressed cups/bearings, including removal of chainset)£15.00
Brakes (Cable)Install new conventional brake cables (per brake)£5.00
Install new specialist (Nokon etc) brake cables (per brake)£7.50
Install new brake pads (per brake)£10.00
Brakes (Hydraulic)Brake bleed (per brake)£15.00
Install braided hose (per brake)£25.00
Install disc brake assembly (per brake; lever, rotor, calliper & hose cut to length)£20.00
Hydraulic calliper service including bleed (per brake)£30.00
TransmissionGear service£15.00
Install new derailleurs (front & rear) & tune£20.00
Install new shifters (front & rear) & tune£25.00
Install new gear cables (front & rear) & tune£15.00
Install new chain£5.00
Install new chainset£10.00
SuspensionInstall multi pivot bearing kit, including removal of existing bearings£85.00
Install single pivot bearing kit, including removal of existing bearings£45.00
(Reduce by £15 if either of the above are performed with a Silver or Gold Service)
Install both DU bushes£10.00
Fork oil change and seal fit£30.00
WheelsInstall inner tube (per wheel)£5.00
Install inner tube (hub gear wheel)£10.00
Wheel true (per wheel, standard spokes and/or external nipples)£10.00
Wheel true (per wheel, non standard spokes and/or internal nipples)£15.00
Wheel build (standard rim, spokes, external nipples)£22.00
Wheel build (UST rim, non standard spokes, internal nipples)£28.00
Install tubeless tyres (per wheel)£5.00
Hub service front (cup & cone)£15.00
Hub service rear (cup & cone)£20.00
Hub service front (remove and replace cartridge bearings)£10.00
Hub service rear (remove and replace cartridge bearings)£20.00
Complete bicyclePDI (Pre Delivery Inspection, for new bikes supplied unboxed)£30.00
Bicycle assembly & PDI (for new bikes supplied boxed)£50.00
Bike boxing for transportation (includes cardboard box if required)£25.00
Swap over existing frame for new (parts not included)£80.00
Bike cleaning and polishing£15.00
GeneralInsurance valuation document (non custom bicycle)£10.00
Insurance valuation document (custom bicycle)£20.00
Bike storage charge (at our discretion per week)£10.00
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